Using Art as Branding Posted on 5 Sep 14:48 , 0 comments

Don't know if you've thought of it but it's true.  Using art as a part of your branding is huge.  Art immediately lets people know who you are. Traditional, contemporary, soft hearted, edgy, "out-there", loud, funny, muted, you name a personality trait and your art reflects it.  Art in the work place can do the same thing for a company. It will help convey the company's personality and culture.  Art in the workplace also let's people know when they walk in that the company cares about their employees and clients. Research shows that Art sets the stage helping employees be more creative with their problem solving. Art helps people be more relaxed by reducing stress.  Art also lets people know that the company cares about humanity and the environment that their employees work in.  Art can help communicate a theme, or a philosophy that is important to the organization.  We created a gallery for an oil refinery so when employees or visitors walk into the lobby they are greeted with large beautiful photographic works of art of the refinery from the ground and air at sunset and at night.  It is really amazing and works so well to be in an industrial area and walk into a gallery environment.  It works two-fold, it gives an over-all look at the facility in a very artistic way and it's totally relaxing which helps with doing business. The refinery is telling people "Come on in, we're open and have class" what could be better than that?