Art as a Lifestyle Posted on 29 Jul 20:33 , 0 comments

I love art.  I use it in how I dress and wear jewelry as art. It goes so far beyond having art on the walls, which of course I do. Good furniture or unique furniture is art and how it's placed in a room. Interior design, wall color, accessories on and on artful living expresses who we are with joy. An artful lifestyle gives me peace, joy, and a real inter-serrenity. It's all in how you look at it but everything we use someone had to design.  As the artist of our lifestyle we pick and choose the art we want to live with. What can be better than that?

Printing on Metal Posted on 30 May 15:01 , 0 comments

Artsy-Art is offering Original Paintings and Photography printed on metal.  It's indestructible because the process was developed for signage used in our national parks.  The Metal Prints have a very contemporary look they come with hangers on the back or they can be framed.  Genius!  Any piece of art we offer can be made into a Metal Print custom sizes according to the Original Art the size can be the same as the Original Art or smaller.