The Secret Meaning of Abstract Art Posted on 16 Feb 12:24 , 0 comments

I have comments from people continually saying that they don't understand abstract art which is interesting to me.  I tell them to enjoy the colors and to let their eyes follow the flow.  Many times that's just not enough.  If they have the patience to listen I tell my story.  I started studying art at the age of 11 under the guidance of a wonderful teacher, Ruth Mogford, a well known regional artist.  Ruth taught that an artist must be able to draw and paint realistically first in order to really see.  From my point of view there is a lot of truth to her method.  As a child it taught me to see details, allow my mind to interpret, and then draw. I mastered realism quickly because I have an innate talent for realism.  When Ruth was satisfied I could go on to Impressionism.  I found Impressionism to be a looser form of realism which did stretch my talent.  It was good I was broadening my scope which is a good thing and it was fun.  I switched back and forth between the two styles honing my craft as a painter.  The University of Texas, Art Department was all about Abstract Expressionism when I arrived on campus. Hum, this looks interesting and it was.  In my design classes I was taught balance, rhythm, juxtaposition and color.  I was also taught that the theory behind abstract art was bringing it from your subconscious. Another big a ha!  Cool let me at it. I can do that!  I did and still do and love creating abstract art very much.  It is my favorite because I believe it comes from the soul with more expression than any other form of art.  I also believe that for the viewer to really get it the viewer needs to allow their own interpretation.  Where the art comes from is a universal spot.  So if the abstract piece speaks to you, enjoy it! Let it flow!