Another example of art as a lifestyle! Posted on 14 Apr 16:31 , 0 comments

I thought this was interesting.  A friend and business associate wanted my help in sprucing up her office before a big corporate meeting.  The office had good "bones" and was a pretty space but rather dull with beige walls, gray carpet you get the picture no warmth. My thought was to warm up the space and make it more inviting for clients when they came in.  First, we created a color theme that we used through out the office space using accent walls to add the color. Our color scheme was based around mossy greens and Chinese reds.  Once the color was on the walls the office came to life.  Then we added the art.  Art is usually last to be chosen and installed when creating an interior design facelift.  We chose several of my abstract pieces in varying sizes using art that fit into our color scheme. I put the art in the office space for sale and did not sell it to the owner.  What we did was simple, easy, didn't take much time, or money. Two simple pieces to a puzzle that totally changed a space from cold and dull to warm and inviting.  My friend being the wonderful business woman and entrepreneur that she is got an offer to buy a business in another city and took the offer! She subleased her existing office space to a wonderful business who wanted my art to stay in the space!  So, I sold 6 paintings and the color scheme and design is now being enjoyed by a new company.  It's important to be creative in doing business and selling art.  It's important for all artists to sell their art