Support Your Local Artists During the Holidays! Posted on 24 Oct 13:15 , 0 comments

It's hard to believe that the holidays are approaching once again!  This year please support your local artists when considering buying gifts. Art sales are the most difficult part of any artist's job.  Art has a wide range of prices which can fit into most budgets. Not only are there a wide range of prices there are also, a huge variety of items.  For example, there are items for your home or office, paintings, drawings, prints, photography, pottery, sculpture, you get the idea.  Plus there is always hand made jewelry.  Where do you find there gifts?  Local galleries, on-line, look for Holiday Art Shows, and ask your friends.  It's a treasure hunt for real treasure putting  joy into your Holiday shopping for you and the recipient of your gifts. These gifts are one of a kind, personal, and will last a lifetime. Pretty good bang for your buck!