Shelf Art Posted on 11 Dec 14:46 , 0 comments

Creating small shelf/tabletop art from my original pen and ink drawings is an answer to a question. I found some pen and ink drawings that I created in the 1970’s and wondered how I could release them for others to enjoy, I decided to have prints made of the drawings and found the clear acrylic 2 sided frames to mount them in.  When I got the prints I immediately put them into the frames. OK, that looked cool then a couple of weeks later I started adding color before mounting them in the frames. I liked that even better. I had started drawing again to create new drawings. I had started my professional life as an illustrator. First, at Southwest Development Laboratory, in Austin, illustrating children’s books for Spanish speaking kids to help them learn English. My second job was illustrating Coal Miner training for Exxon. My boss at Exxon told me that if an artist can draw they will always have a job. I studied Art at the University of Texas, Austin and was exposed for the first time to Abstract Expressionism. I fell in love and I’m still in love with it. Drawing has brought me back to my roots. I studied Art for seven years under the guidance of Ruth Mogford a well known regional artist in her day. Being a student of Ruth Mogford required a mastery of Realism before I was allowed to go on to Impressionism. OK, check off those genres. Interesting how life goes in full circle time after time if you’re watching.  The prints are available to purchase by clicking the Vicki Loper tab under Shop by Artist.

Art as a Lifestyle Posted on 29 Jul 20:33 , 0 comments

I love art.  I use it in how I dress and wear jewelry as art. It goes so far beyond having art on the walls, which of course I do. Good furniture or unique furniture is art and how it's placed in a room. Interior design, wall color, accessories on and on artful living expresses who we are with joy. An artful lifestyle gives me peace, joy, and a real inter-serrenity. It's all in how you look at it but everything we use someone had to design.  As the artist of our lifestyle we pick and choose the art we want to live with. What can be better than that?