Environmental Art Show Posted on 8 Feb 15:05 , 0 comments

I am working on an Environmental Art Show to premier online in November/December 2022.  Included in the show will be works from all categories of work that I create. Using the Native American Chiefs to illustrate the stewardship of the land, the Animal Drawings representing what needs to be protected, the Circle of Life paintings symbolizing just that that life is a never ending circle if we do our part to preserve the environment so life can continue, Landscapes with various problems we are dealing with such as fire, floods, and trash. The Ethereal works conveying that we are not alone we need super-charged help and with that help plus the human effort we can get out of this situation of doom.  I will post updates there is a lot left to be done to complete the show.  If you would like to help please consider buying a piece of art. You may email me vicki@vickiloper.com