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I have a new YouTube Channel, The Healing Artist, Vicki Loper. I paint, draw, and talk about my technique. I teach how to lower your brain wave to Alpha, which is the most relaxed and creative brain wave. It's a simple totally natural process and really does enhance creativity. I was taught the process by my college professor many years ago. Then took a course for a year leaning more about Alpha and what is possible when using it. I lower my brain waves to Alpha before I create. It helps with focus and tapping into your creativity. I am close to launching a Patreon Channel where I teach Alpha and how it opened the Universe to me, which opened the Spiritual realm. My art is Spiritual. On Patreon I teach my process of creating through Spirit. Please join me!

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Pet Portraits Capturing the Soul

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I am working on an Environmental Art Show to premier online in November/December 2022.  Included in the show will be works from all categories of work that I create. Using the Native American Chiefs to illustrate the stewardship of the land, the Animal Drawings representing what needs to be protected, the Circle of Life paintings symbolizing just that that life is a never ending circle if we do our part to preserve the environment so life can continue, Landscapes with various problems we are dealing with such as fire, floods, and trash. The Ethereal works conveying that we are not alone we need super-charged help and with that help plus the human effort we can get out of this situation of doom.  I will post updates there is a lot left to be done to complete the show.  If you would like to help please consider buying a piece of art. You may email me

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For years I would never considered having prints made from my original work, but things have changed!  Not only do I offer prints of my work I like them!  The metal prints are Dibond the method originally developed to use out doors for signage it's UV tolerant and weather tolerant. Using Dibond to print Fine Art is amazing. It has a very contemporary look. The finishes are a choice of High Gloss or Brushed Metal. Beautiful! The Prints on Canvas are very hard to tell apart from the original. My art is very spiritual and I would like more people and commercial spaces to own it. The prints make that a possibility!

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Creating small shelf/tabletop art from my original pen and ink drawings is an answer to a question. I found some pen and ink drawings that I created in the 1970’s and wondered how I could release them for others to enjoy, I decided to have prints made of the drawings and found the clear acrylic 2 sided frames to mount them in.  When I got the prints I immediately put them into the frames. OK, that looked cool then a couple of weeks later I started adding color before mounting them in the frames. I liked that even better. I had started drawing again to create new drawings. I had started my professional life as an illustrator. First, at Southwest Development Laboratory, in Austin, illustrating children’s books for Spanish speaking kids to help them learn English. My second job was illustrating Coal Miner training for Exxon. My boss at Exxon told me that if an artist can draw they will always have a job. I studied Art at the University of Texas, Austin and was exposed for the first time to Abstract Expressionism. I fell in love and I’m still in love with it. Drawing has brought me back to my roots. I studied Art for seven years under the guidance of Ruth Mogford a well known regional artist in her day. Being a student of Ruth Mogford required a mastery of Realism before I was allowed to go on to Impressionism. OK, check off those genres. Interesting how life goes in full circle time after time if you’re watching.  The prints are available to purchase by clicking the Vicki Loper tab under Shop by Artist.

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Art shows are fun and entertaining!

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The market place is constantly changing and evolving.  That's not a new thought!  But, what is new Pop-Up Art Shows!  In recent months, there have been some galleries in the Houston area that have given up the over-head of having a permanent gallery space and opting for Pop-Up Art Shows.  So, I thought I would give it a try.  I was contacted by Conception Arts, out of New York, after they saw a painting that I had posted Instagram. The show is August 12th at Spindletap Brewery here is Houston.  There will be over 50 artists!  Beer and food. The show will last 5 hours.  That's it!  Conception Arts is a dot com company and puts on these shows all over the country from New York to Seattle.  The way it works for the artist is the artist sells 15 tickets at $20 per ticket or the artist pays $300 to participate.  I am working on selling the tickets to see if it will work to sell tickets to an art event.  From my point of view, the Pop-Up Art Show is more of an opportunity for marketing myself and my art.  A chance to meet new people which we all need to do in order to be successful!  And doesn't is make sense to create an event that offers art, craft beer and food? Click the link for more info and to buy tickets!   Very interesting opportunity.

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I thought this was interesting.  A friend and business associate wanted my help in sprucing up her office before a big corporate meeting.  The office had good "bones" and was a pretty space but rather dull with beige walls, gray carpet you get the picture no warmth. My thought was to warm up the space and make it more inviting for clients when they came in.  First, we created a color theme that we used through out the office space using accent walls to add the color. Our color scheme was based around mossy greens and Chinese reds.  Once the color was on the walls the office came to life.  Then we added the art.  Art is usually last to be chosen and installed when creating an interior design facelift.  We chose several of my abstract pieces in varying sizes using art that fit into our color scheme. I put the art in the office space for sale and did not sell it to the owner.  What we did was simple, easy, didn't take much time, or money. Two simple pieces to a puzzle that totally changed a space from cold and dull to warm and inviting.  My friend being the wonderful business woman and entrepreneur that she is got an offer to buy a business in another city and took the offer! She subleased her existing office space to a wonderful business who wanted my art to stay in the space!  So, I sold 6 paintings and the color scheme and design is now being enjoyed by a new company.  It's important to be creative in doing business and selling art.  It's important for all artists to sell their art

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It's hard to believe that the holidays are approaching once again!  This year please support your local artists when considering buying gifts. Art sales are the most difficult part of any artist's job.  Art has a wide range of prices which can fit into most budgets. Not only are there a wide range of prices there are also, a huge variety of items.  For example, there are items for your home or office, paintings, drawings, prints, photography, pottery, sculpture, you get the idea.  Plus there is always hand made jewelry.  Where do you find there gifts?  Local galleries, on-line, look for Holiday Art Shows, and ask your friends.  It's a treasure hunt for real treasure putting  joy into your Holiday shopping for you and the recipient of your gifts. These gifts are one of a kind, personal, and will last a lifetime. Pretty good bang for your buck!

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I have comments from people continually saying that they don't understand abstract art which is interesting to me.  I tell them to enjoy the colors and to let their eyes follow the flow.  Many times that's just not enough.  If they have the patience to listen I tell my story.  I started studying art at the age of 11 under the guidance of a wonderful teacher, Ruth Mogford, a well known regional artist.  Ruth taught that an artist must be able to draw and paint realistically first in order to really see.  From my point of view there is a lot of truth to her method.  As a child it taught me to see details, allow my mind to interpret, and then draw. I mastered realism quickly because I have an innate talent for realism.  When Ruth was satisfied I could go on to Impressionism.  I found Impressionism to be a looser form of realism which did stretch my talent.  It was good I was broadening my scope which is a good thing and it was fun.  I switched back and forth between the two styles honing my craft as a painter.  The University of Texas, Art Department was all about Abstract Expressionism when I arrived on campus. Hum, this looks interesting and it was.  In my design classes I was taught balance, rhythm, juxtaposition and color.  I was also taught that the theory behind abstract art was bringing it from your subconscious. Another big a ha!  Cool let me at it. I can do that!  I did and still do and love creating abstract art very much.  It is my favorite because I believe it comes from the soul with more expression than any other form of art.  I also believe that for the viewer to really get it the viewer needs to allow their own interpretation.  Where the art comes from is a universal spot.  So if the abstract piece speaks to you, enjoy it! Let it flow!