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Art shows are fun and entertaining!

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Our economy here in Houston is limping right now with the oil prices being low.  There are quite a few people in the business community that deny that because Houston has diversified which is true but it's undeniable that the low oil prices effect our economy.  With that being said we need to "market broader". In my last post I was posting about our event with Lindsey's Office Furniture which was a fabulous event. We got new clients and sold art.  I do believe that selling art is different than selling other items, goods, or services and as in marketing anything it's most effective when your marketing is targeted and specific.  That is so important!  A good way to target is by inviting people you know are art buyers.  This is not new information but more of a reminder to be mindful how you set up your event.  For the Lindsey's/Perimeter Gallery event we invited Interior Designers, Interior Architects, Commercial Realtors, and existing clients.  Our target is obvious.  We were inviting folks who buy art and furnishings for commercial spaces. It worked because we used several methods to invite. e-mails to our targeted list, Social Media, phone calls, and my personal favorite "door popping" walking in the door of businesses with the invitation in hand.  99% of the offices we crashed the recipients were thrilled, enjoyed meeting us, and liked being invited. We have two events planned at the gallery the first is, November 12th, a Holiday Gallery Show and the second, December 15th, with the Hotel Concierges' Association. My marketing plan includes at least 6 events a year and yes, it is a lot of work but it pays off!