Buying Art Online Posted on 19 Aug 20:26 , 0 comments

Did you know that in 2012 online art sales world wide were $1 Billion? And in 2013 the sales were $1.7 Billion?  I need to check on the stats for 2014 to see if they are available.  This is very exciting news, the world is changing and the art world right along with it. I love shopping online, it's so easy and convenient.  I live in Houston the 4th largest city in the nation and if I can avoid getting into traffic I do.  I am an artist, I started painting seriously when I was 11, I am also an Art Consultant, helping clients get the look and feel they want their environment to convey. Art adds life, warmth, soul, creativity, sparkle (I could go on) to your environment. Living without art is not an option for me  I really can't imagine it and don't want to. Getting back to the online sales I can help you pick art on the web to fit your taste and environment, that's a big part of what I do!

The photo is a clients living room, the painting on the green wall is one of my pieces.  Can you imagine that wall with nothing on it? the room would have an unfinished look to it.  

The theme of is art as a lifestyle that's why we have art jewelry and will be adding other art products very soon.  Keep coming to the site and live with art!  It will change your life!