Event "The Importance of Art in the Workplace" Posted on 11 Sep 19:23 , 0 comments

September 24th we are having an event "The Importance of Art in the Workplace" at Lindsey's Office Furniture featuring Perimeter Gallery here in Houston.  The event was not my idea it was Linda Lindsay's a New York designer now calling Houston home. When she came up with the idea I thought it was fantastic and quickly agreed to Perimeter Gallery being the art part of the event.  I work with Perimeter as an artist and Art Consultant.  Perimeter has been in the same prime location for 20 years and the gallery's success is due largely to providing art for commercial spaces.

Lindsey's Office Furniture has been in business since 1987 family owned and operated. Lindsey's is the premier office furniture supplier in Houston carrying traditional to contemporary styles which is a good match for Perimeter since the gallery represents over 70 artists with a wide variety of styles.

For the event, Perimeter will install over 30 pieces of art some are quite large. Lindsey's has 10,000 square feet in the showroom with large walls.  I can't wait to get the art in there!  It will look amazing.  Lindsey's will set up a couple of office vignettes contemporary and traditional style and Perimeter will place art to match. We are inviting designers, architects and business people for wine and cheese, art, furniture, design and good conversation. I will post video and photos after and give a report of the outcome.  One of my passions is getting art in commercial and public spaces it should be everywhere! I dedicate myself to the cause it's so important for all of us to live with art where ever we are!