The Change Process of Interior Design Posted on 15 Sep 20:02 , 0 comments

residence is to be able to change the look of it from time to time season
to season.

Create your signature style....

Clear your canvas in every room and start with one piece of furnishings or
art which means something to you.

It is important to have statement pieces accenting in all rooms allowing
them to feel complete along with using a bit of a cheerful color which will
give your home an always-sunny vibe

Make sure you throw things away .. that no longer allows you to feel
There is nothing worse than visual clutter.. it ends up cluttering your
mind and makes you feel totally out of alignment...
A happy feeling home makes for great times with company or alone.

Take out items that allow you to feel trendy not unique.
Become a collector of unique accessories and layer them.

Use large-scale pieces within your design, which will make a room feel
larger, along with adding another element of irreverence and playfulness.

Allow your inspirations to come from your travels.
keeping you on the cutting edge of global trends and latest styles.
Interiors are all about experience -- the experience of fun.

When selecting your new furnishings for your home.. make sure that you are
upgrading to luxury furnishings with quality material and craftsmanship...
a piece that will last through generations.
Invest in the good stuff, and they can become heirlooms.

When shopping for your home ..Explore and discover... Keep bringing in
authentic carefully crafted products to outfit your everyday life.

A space is more than just well curated items; it should act as a reflection
of your lifestyle allowing for inspiration of change.

"Change the way you live. Open up
Have fun be creative, explore!!!
Design with intensity and passion."

Linda Lindsay