Taking Chances or Opportunities Marketing Posted on 21 Sep 19:31 , 0 comments

OK, so when we think about selling art we may think galleries, art shows, showing in restaurants or bars the conventional avenues. That's all OK and you will sell some art because the main thing is to get your art out there the more people who see it the better. Marketing is a numbers game. That is so important to remember. The more people who view your art the more people buy your art.  

I'm writing this blog post because I want you an artist to think beyond the normal.  Think about partnering with a business that may not be a part of the art scene but could be on the fringes.  For example, architects, interior designers, doctors offices, furniture stores, and other semi-public places.  It's important for me to like the venue and  know that my art is a good match, that my art and the interior of the venue compliment each other.  A win-win. It's powerful when you partner with a company that has sales people who will sell your work as a part of the sales package.  Think about people you know and ask if they know of a business that might work with what you are doing. What I am suggesting does not cost the business anything but they do get a commission when they sell your work. The business piece you work out with the business of your choice and it's important for both parties to be happy with the deal.  If not move on because the deal ultimately won't work.

Try it!  Take chances and improve your art sales!