Life is messy..... Posted on 4 Jan 17:21 , 1 comment

It's interesting how art comes about.  For me it's through my life experiences. My latest style is the Circle of Life series. It is abstract using vibrant colors, iridescent silvers and golds, plus a little angel dust for sparkle, and circles.  They are high energy life affirming paintings.  I started painting them while my cousin was being treated for cancer.  I was her "person" and spent many hours at MD Anderson Cancer Center with her as she was going through treatment and seeing doctors.  Cancer is a daunting insidious disease. All the while I am WILLING her well, praying constantly, doing all I can to help make her well.  This went on for 5 1/2 years.  The paintings are a celebration of life and my need to celebrate.  I was so positive that she would get well I wouldn't allow myself to think other wise.  I would paint pouring  my might into those life affirming high energy works of art hoping somehow that wonderful healing energy would transfer to my dear Becky. But, it was not her fate, cancer won. Becky left us 1 year ago.  During the past year I continued to paint and it continues to be mostly the Circle of Life which is more meaningful to me now than before.  I am not trying to will someone well. I am living and celebrating life everyday. The paintings have wonderful energy and truth. They are messy because life is messy. There are several paintings from the series on the Artsy-Art site under the Vicki Loper tab.